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Blake's 7 Federation Pursuit Ship

One of my personal projects is a reboot of cult BBC TV series 'Blake's 7'. The four seasons produced were infamous for the tiny budgets that resulted in wobbly sets and spaceships made from hair dryers. My designs are mercifully free from that limitation :)

The Ambush class interceptor is my version of the Federation Pursuit Ship from the original series. It is the main bad guy ship and apart from some cargo ships is the only recurring bad guy design.

My design is built around a high sublight hyper velocity mass driver weapon system and a virtual mass collision reactor. Time Distort drives give high superluminal speed with no relativistic time dilation. The Ambush hits hard and fast. Up until the Liberator appears on the scene, there is nothing in human space that can outrun a squadron of Ambush interceptors.

Federation Interceptor Ortho

Federation Interceptor Ortho